Demonic Spirit -  An entity or spirit that derives from Hell which has the power to posses a consciousness mind.  Common belief is to identify a demonic spirit is to see there black psychic energy that they give off.

Haunting-  Paranormal disturbances typically attributed to a remaining object in the area that the once living person had a connection with. Disturbances can also be accredited to a message that the paranormal would like to pass on before moving on to the after life.  Various phenomena are reported including moving objects, strange noises, lights, cold spots, unpleasant smells, and the appearance of manifestations or bright round lights that usually show up in photographs.


Imprints - Memory of a spirit that can resemble a spirit.


Mediums -  People that posses the ability to communicate with the paranormal using several different mental techniques.


Orbs -  The simplest and most common form of a spirit in the paranormal hierarchy. In photography and video, orbs appear to be balls of light with an apparent size ranging from a golf ball to a basketball that can vary in color, but not shape. Orbs sometimes appear to be in motion, leaving a trail behind them, called streamer.


Poltergeist -  A German words that means "noisy or mischievous ghost." A destructive spirit that has the ability to move objects. This phenomena is also associated with noises, rapping, levitating and throwing of objects, as well as other physical manifestations. These events usually come on suddenly and end just as fast. They can last for days, months or a few years.

Possession -  An entity that takes control of a person's consciousness for a period of time.  The person who is being possessed typically does not remember what they said or did during the entity's invasion.


Spirits -  Paranormal apparitions that are self aware of their surroundings and actions.


Shadow People - Spirits that do not have enough energy to completely show itself.


Vortex -  A concentration of paranormal energy that is said to be a doorway for spirits to enter and exit the living world















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