Applying for a Membership

Your Organization *must *meet the following requirements.

1. Your Organization founder(s) Must be at least 21 and have a clean criminal record.  We reserve the right to do background checks on such individuals if we see fit.

2.   Your Organization must provide all services at no cost to the client. You may accept freely-given donations, but may not charge fees and or solicit donations for services , travel expenses, fuel expenses, or for any other reason

3.  Your  Organization web presence must be advertisement free and look professional.  Easy to navigate and have a clean design.  No Scary imagery, music/sound effects, etc

4.  No Ouija boards...

5.  Your group must have at least 2 years verifiable service

6.  You will be asked to add a link to your web presence linking back to  In return we will add a link from our members page back to your website.

If you agree, please continue to the link below


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